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bugs bunny For each Rodeo Committee or Stock Contractor that Western Events consults for, we take a hands-on approach in working directly with all aspects of your rodeo.  We can help your rodeo be more efficient & profitable and you will provide a great show for your sponsors and patrons.  Here’s how we can help you:

  • Rodeo Start up – provide the Committee with a Business Plan and an Action Plan, budget guidelines, sponsor tracking, vendors, volunteers, sponsor contract, sponsor brochure packages and program ad sales.
  • Contract Personnel – contact and contract the stock contractor, all rodeo personalities from the rodeo announcer to the specialty acts, the ticket company and marketing & public relations.
  • Opening & Production – consult on the opening of your rodeo; something that sets the tone for the entire performance: running sponsor flags, music, patriotic themes, and the prayer and National Anthem.
  • Sponsorships – work with your committee on sponsorships from advising them on obtaining sponsorships to giving your sponsors a lot of value for their advertising dollar so they come back next year.  We also will obtain sponsors for you on a commission basis.
  • Website & Social Media – we can advise your committee or work to create a website and Facebook page ourselves to provide as much information as we can to your sponsors and patrons.
  • Public Relations & Promotions – we can get your advertising package arranged with local media to promote your rodeo.  Bill does a lot of radio and television interviews and would be a great representative for your rodeo or even your business!
  • Related Events  – advise on parades, rodeo kickoff parties and post rodeo parties and concerts.
  • We’re There for You – we will be on-site the week of your rodeo to be sure everything runs smoothly and as planned.

Bill will work as your Production Manager/Arena Director where his responsibilities include conducting pre-rodeo performance production meetings, stock sorting, and providing rodeo performance efficiency and timeliness to keep the rodeo running on schedule. With almost 30 years of rodeo experience, your rodeo will run like a clock and keep your audience’s full attention from the Opening Ceremony until the very last bull is bucked. He is often hired for these roles because his reputation of hard work and dedication to the sport of rodeo makes each rodeo he works run smoothly and timely. Call Bill about working with your rodeo!



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